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We offer innovative solutions specific to each field for your supply needs in the healthcare field.


We provide warehousing, storage, domestic distribution, secondary packaging and cold room services to our customers.

hakan nakliyat antrepo hizmeti
depolama hizmetleri

Entrepot Services

As Hakan Nakliyat, we offer comprehensive warehouse services to our customers with our warehouse with a closed area of 20.000 m2.


We meet the additional needs of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies with which we cooperate in terms of import and export transactions. As Turkey's first pharmacy customs warehouse, we provide sustainable services as a leading company in the field of warehouse services.

Storage Services

As Hakan Nakliyat, we offer large-capacity storage services with our 42.000 m2 complex. We always aim to guarantee satisfaction thanks to our technological solutions at the point of product storage needs of pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to our stock management capability and technological solutions for your storage needs, we offer you the quality you are looking for.


hakan lojistik TIR
soğuk depolama
sekonder ambalajlama

Domestic Transport  Services

We deliver on time by providing the right transportation conditions in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.


We offer reliable solutions to your logistics needs within the scope of our domestic distribution services. We offer transportation between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius thanks to verified cold chain transportation. In addition, within the scope of transportation and distribution services within Istanbul, we transport medicines by providing optimal temperature conditions between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Cold Storage Service

We keep pharmaceuticals and medical products in large-capacity cold storage in a safe and healthy way.


The cold storage of our company serves with a total area of 150 m2. Thanks to our warehouse with a capacity of 140 pallets and continuous temperature and humidity control, we successfully provide product-specific storage conditions.


With an uninterrupted cold chain, we make the greatest contribution to the transmission of your products to the end user without any damage.

Secondary Packaging

We offer secondary packaging services under GMP conditions to domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies with which we cooperate. At this point, we successfully complete the product labeling stages thanks to our special inkjet systems. We pack products completely within the scope of repackaging, surcharge and 2D barcoding services. In addition, thanks to our brochure adding service, we make the products ready for sale by meeting your needs such as prospectuses and promotional labels.

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